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meets Technology


ultrasonic generator and transducer

Manufacturer of ultrasound for industrial cleaning

we deal with industrial cleaning for over 30 years

We produce:

  • Generators and Immersible Transducers, easy to apply in plants or even in pre-existing tanks.
  • Standard and special ultrasonic cleaning tanks for industrial use, able to remove impurities and contaminations from any type of surface, built with the same criteria of efficiency, durability, reliability and safety used in the industrial sector.

We build:

Our products are for those users who require: high performance, quality, durability, reliability, time reduction, innovative solutions for results superior to traditional.

In the galvanic line, where environments are particularly harsh, the use of ultrasound is a winning choice. Furthermore, ultrasounds are extremely useful in all those washing processes, pre and post surface treatments, where a delicate and thorough cleaning is required.


To be the point of reference for our customers, a valid support and an expert guide for the resolution of all problems related to cleaning surfaces before and after each treatment.

This is business for me.
BIG THINGS are never done by one person.
They are made by a TEAM of people.

Steve Jobs


Values that guide our team

Focus on the customer and his needs through listening. This is the first thing to do to offer innovative solutions in electroplating as in other sectors.

To make available the knowledge acquired in more than 30 years with the aim of providing optimal solutions for each context.

Studying every single case, developing new solutions and collaborate in synergy with professionals to create high quality products.

Transforming ideas into concrete solutions through new technologies and an in-depth knowledge of washing processes.

Always aim for the quality of the product and the service offered, as a goal of excellence. Every single expertise, within our reality, brings its important contribution and is committed to making products in line with the safety requirements set by European regulations.

Our goal is to transform our relationship with the customer into a unique, lasting experience based on trust and mutual satisfaction.

Sharing and dialogue within the team allow us to achieve ambitious goals and mutually grow.